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Something New for 2022!

Yay, I'm certified! Let me share what that means to me and hopefully the person reading...

Back in 2018, I was on the search for a planner that would help me reach my vision board goals. I had reached a point in my life where I felt stuck with previous planners I used, I felt they were missing something.

I came across an advertisement about the Full Focus Planner and the rest was history. At the time I was working a full-time job, just had my youngest daughter, running a successful short term rental business and studying to pass the Real Estate Sales Exam. This busy wife, mother and boss needed a planner, an effective, practical tool that would help me achieve a level of balance and productivity for every area of my life. I wanted something different and the Full Focus Planner was just what I needed! It was so effective for me that I decided to invest to learn how to help and teach others. So your girl is certified and ready to help others get out of that rut and start crushing those goals! 


The Next Fully Focus Session
will be July 2022!

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