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The Family Woman

The HSV Fields (Kel, Dom, Kay, and Des)

We were intentional in naming our kids uniquely similar to our names. We were intentional about being unapologetically different, nontraditional in our family dynamics, and making things special from the beginning.

Kel and I met at Hope Community Church where we both were active members in the choir and several other ministries. If Kell was telling this story he’d tell you that I would leave immediately after church when it was over and that didn’t give him the opportunity to shoot his shot. So thankfully Facebook had grown so much by 2009 that he slid into the DM. Which led to us going on our first date… long story short – I was shallow back then and thought he was cheap and didn’t give him another chance. Years passed, and I had finally made the decision to walk away from a toxic relationship, grow closer to God, learn some major life lessons, and be single and content.

In February of 2014, there was a snowstorm in HSV and we were off work. Kellen mustard up some courage once he realized I was single and slid into my DMs again. I didn’t normally hold conversations and I kept my distance from people, however, it was Kell and even after we didn’t date I always thought he was cool. I was open to responding and through that conversation the next day we decided to meet up for lunch. That day just so happened to be Valentine’s Day, I thought nothing of it because we were not in a relationship. Again if Kell was telling this story he would tell you that we were officially girlfriend and boyfriend from that day. Might as well say we were because we were together most of the time after that. Listen, he is so confident… that’s one of the reasons I was attracted to him. I too felt something after that lunch date, but as he walked me to the car I told him we would only be friends for now and he was like mmm hmmm ok. The rest is history… that’s bae now! I fell in love with him – he was funny, fine and saved! I liked him so much Kay shortly came, we got married 3 months after Kay was born, and then came Dessie Boo. Our story is different, our family is different, our family is not perfect neither is our marriage --- yet I wouldn’t change a thing because everything works together for the good. I am extremely blessed!


Fun fact: God had given me and Kel a sign using the time 1234. It was something only we knew about individually and personally. One day being funny Kel sent the screenshot of the very first message he sent me on Facebook. It was sent at 1234. At the moment I read it I was driving. I got so hysterical I had to pull over. I’ll explain… one day while I was cleaning my house. I looked over at the clock to check the time, it was 1234. I used to say “something told me” now I know it was the Holy Spirit that told me to remember that time because there would be some significance associated with it. I had no idea what to think of it and forgot about it all together. I told Kel my story and he goes on to share how he would always see that time and had the same notion for years. If he was telling this story he’d say it was because he was always checking the time to see if it was lunch because he was hungry lol. We called it God’s timing from then on and we celebrate anytime we just so happen to see 1234 on the clock throughout the day by texting or calling one another. 1234 reminds Kel and I God's time is everything!

My family. My legacy. My Why.

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