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I’ve always been my own boss on the low, I just didn’t know the magnitude of the things I had done. I was braiding and doing hair out of my grandma’s house and people (all ages) were paying me when I was in high school all while working part-time at Burger King. I’ve modeled, had a non-profit, did makeup, was a thrifted fashion blogger, all while working a full-time job. Being an entrepreneur has always been there, but I’ve always been encouraged to stay at my “good job” just stay there and retire at 60 and that was living my best life. Well for me, that wasn’t living my best life and I would always respond… nooooo there is something else out there for me. I’m not sure what it is yet but I know I won’t be staying here until retirement. 

My mindset started to take a turn and shift after the death of my beloved Grandmother the matriarch of my Mom’s side of the family. Thoughts of leaving a legacy behind came up and weighed heavy on me. I found out shortly after she passed I was pregnant with Kay and Kel was considering marriage. LEGACY was heavy on my mind. Everything was changing around me and it all happened so fast. Kel and I had a conversation and decided to not have a big wedding, but to instead work to start a small business. That business was videography at first and it was solely my husband working I gave little creative direction here and there but that was his thing. I supported by being a mother to our baby girl and allowed him the time to work. However, I had no idea what God had in store…

When Kel and I got married we both owned property. We moved into his home as our primary residence and had to figure out what to do with my house (the secondary home). There were bills that still had to be paid there. I was not knowledgeable of my options, and didn’t take the time to research. I was being irresponsible with paying the mortgage without my hubby knowing, until I got a notice that the home would be foreclosed if I didn’t pay almost $10,000 by August 15th. I remember that date because it was a day before my birthday. I had to come clean to my husband and thankfully he gave me some tough love, we got a joint account and haven’t had to worry about that happening again. Kel had a vision, he shared it with me, I caught a hold to it and we joined forces as a unit and ran with it. Fields Properties, LLC. was established in 2016 and has been growing and developing each year. We specialize in creating short-term vacation rentals listed on Airbnb, VRBO, and our on-line booking site. Since learning more about Real Estate, I was so intrigued and wanted to dive deeper that’s when I decided I would go get my Real Estate sales license and become a Real Estate Agent.

BAM – just like that I began my career in Real Estate as a sales agent January of 2019. I’m now a Realtor with Embry Group at Capstone Realty and I couldn’t be happier I chose to make that leap of faith to help others create generational wealth for their families. I’m an introverted Realtor by the way, just in case someone reading this thinks they can’t be a Realtor because they are an introvert. WRONG, you can do whatever you put your mind to even if it requires you being out of your comfort zone.

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