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Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her. Luke 1:45


Welcome! This site exist because God called me out of my comfort zone and there is one thing I do know... If God told me to go beyond my comfort zone it was not just for me but someone else's life depends on it. Maybe it's you, you may need to hear my story of overcoming depression and childhood trauma, you may need help with creating a vision board or maybe you need assistance with what to do after you've created the vision board; whatever the need is... Feel free to contact me for your inquires. 


Living Out Potential On Purpose


Domonique Fields has been developing and growing into a whole brand over the last few years and I have learned to embrace it, boldly walk in it and live out my full potential on purpose for the glory of God.

For years I played it small, doubted myself and even worked at a good job for over a decade and hated it --- why because I didn’t think I could do any better. I realized the greatness, innovation, and God given potential lying dormant inside me and NOW I'm on a mission to encourage others!


Here is "my why"

The HSV Fields (Kel, Dom, Kay and Des)

We were intentional in naming our kids uniquely similar to our names. We were intentional about being unapologetically different, nontraditional in our family dynamics, and making things special from the beginning.


Promoting Health and Wholeness

Back in 2012 I wasn’t feeling well. I wasn’t physically ill you know with symptoms of a cold. But it was my 3rd time that week calling into work because I just didn’t want to go and didn’t feel like being bothered. I was at home, late in the day, I hadn’t ate anything and hadn’t done anything to myself. I lived alone at that season of my life so no one knew what I was doing or how I felt. I had the TV on and an infomercial comes on…

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